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Out of sight, Out of Mind?

Hurray! It’s the holidays

The summer has finally arrived. The school seems like another planet, and the ‘little personalities’ who make your life so interesting are just characters from a Dickens novel…and calm, calm, calm… aye, right. If only we could all wind down so easily and really enjoy our holiday.

But no.

For some, there’s the virus that has been lurking in the shadows kept away by the need to get reports done, and adrenalin. Now that you’ve stopped, it can well and truly catch you up – thanks, so much!

Perhaps, we have only just gotten home. The first few days of the holiday were taken up cleaning up the classroom or recovering from the end of school blow out. Or, there was that end of term trip that you signed up for in a fit of generosity and under the heading, ‘seemed like a good idea at the time.’

For many, the number of children needing attention may have decreased but the demands from their own children increase as they worry what to do with them.

And…you just can’t forget that carefully crafted remark by a sarcy colleague who decided to leave you with something, not just for the weekend, but for the whole summer.

Admit it

Just admit it. It’s easy just to say that you are not feeling in the holiday mood and that you haven’t gotten over the academic year. Maybe, you don’t want to. Maybe, you live for school and your job, and the summer is a distraction.

Whatever your mood, your mood is your mood. It’s the first stage of recovery – recognizing the illness. So, if you’re feeling lousy, don’t heap upon yourself the further burden of, “I shouldn’t be feeling that way etc. etc.”

Take a minute to moan

For the first part of the holiday you are suffering from bereavement and withdrawal, so, at the beginning of your holiday, give yourself a few minutes each day, at a prescribed time to have a moan to yourself. Try 10-15 for the first week, going down to 5-6 for the second week. For most, this chance just to ‘debrief’ yourself works. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

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