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Personal Development for Teachers


If there was one word that summed up a teacher in our schools, it would be that word, giving. You give to students, parents, fellow staff members, senior staff, and that’s before we even think about your own family and friends. Sometimes it must seem that you are running on empty, and that you are tired emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically. You can also just wonder, sometimes, whether you’re in the right job!

We all know that deciding on the spur of the moment

or when we are feeling down can be the worst possible course of action.

How can I figure out the way ahead?


What is it that God is calling me to do?

The Way ahead

What this page is for?

Here you will find some suggestions about spiritual and personal development. There are plenty of resources available to help you with the RE syllabus, church teaching and the like.

The Scottish Catholic Education Service (SCES) offers a range of materials and contacts for this.


This page is for you, as a Christian person trying to live and grow in your faith in your daily life.


We shall also offer some guidance on types of prayer that might suit you, as well as hints for liturgical

and prayer services for you and your fellow staff members.

Spiritual Counsellors

Teachers from across the diocese can approach

Canon Tom Shields and Fr Pletts if they wish to talk over something in complete confidence, without it affecting references or the approval process. Nothing will be shared with education officials in the diocese. Please note that Canon Tom does not directly deal with approval but only gives advice to church representatives and will recuse himself if anyone has shared anything in confidence.

They can be contacted using the details below:

Canon Tom Shields
St Fillan's
Ford Road

(01764) 653269


Fr Martin Pletts


St James’

5 High Street


KY13 8AW

(01577) 863269

You’re not alone.

Check the blog for Personal Development

for teachers here

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