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JP Cecil
Apr 03, 2020
In Sharing RE Resources
Hi everyone. I hope you are all well during this period of lockdown! I know it is the holidays but, given that we don't look like we'll be returning to school any time soon, I was wondering how folk were preparing for next term? St John's, like many other schools, used Microsoft Teams to post up work during the last week of last term. It was a steep learning curve for me but I've got the hang of the basics now. What I've found best is to add Word files with information and activities to be done at home (and emailed to the teacher if the pupils want to) . Additionally, to make sure the kids are doing something, using Microsoft Forms to create quizzes that can be posted as Assignments that must be submitted (multiple choice quizzes based on the information sheets that mark themselves) Anyway, I've managed to do a few weeks work of materials like this for S2 and S3 but I'm struggling a wee bit for S1. I've found that the best kind of unit to adapt into this form are some of the older kind that have a lot of 'read it and answer the questions' stuff. The kind of more active learning that we do nowadays is far harder to adapt for obvious reasons. I don't suppose anyone has any of those kinds of units that they would be willing to share so that I can adapt them for online use? I'm happy to share the stuff that I've done already. I have about 7 S2 lessons on the Old Testament and I'm working through some S3 stuff. S4,5,6, are all being given chapters of 'St Marcellin, A Heart that Knew no Bounds' to read and answer questions on - relevant for us as Marists but maybe less so for you. Though I'm happy to share that too. God bless, JP

JP Cecil

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