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The Spring Within Us - A Retreat in Daily Living for Teachers

The Spring Within Us

An online Lent retreat for teachers of Dunkeld Diocese

3rd-30th March, 2022

Opening Meeting: Thurs. 3rd March 4-5pm on Zoom

Closing Meeting: Wed. 30th March 4-5pm on Zoom

Whether you started 2022 with a spring in your step or feel as if you’re carrying the weight of two difficult years, this retreat in daily life is an invitation to turn aside from some of life’s busyness and care for our spiritual selves. Finding quiet spaces in the midst of life, we can be nourished by the God who made springs flow in the desert, and notice the green shoots of spring in our own thirsty hearts.

The retreat offers an opportunity to discover more about prayer, about God and about ourselves in this Lenten season. Participants will be encouraged to set aside a little time each day for prayer and reflection as they are able, and will have the opportunity to meet weekly online with a trained prayer guide. All guides are trained in spiritual accompaniment in the Ignatian tradition, to be companions on life’s journey wherever we find ourselves.

To register, or for more information:

contact Melitta Bosworth on

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