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‘Male and Female He Created Them’ A Recent Document from the Sacred Congregation from Education

Confidence in the Materials from SCES

Obviously, when a document emerges from the Vatican, the media will sometimes misunderstand what is being said, or where it fits in to the wider picture. This is often not due to ill will: it’s more to do with how people in the news see their job and, frankly, shows that they are sometimes ignorant of what faith and religion is about, or have a jaundiced view formed by their own experience.

When reading ‘Male and Female He Created Them’, the recent guidelines from the Sacred Congregation from Education on the question of gender theory in education, it is heartening to see that the materials issued by SCES on equality and inclusion, to be taught alongside the existing materials on Catholic teaching, are very much in line with the document.


On the issues surrounding gender theory and Catholic education, it would be really useful to have a dialogue with teachers on this document and on other similar teaching as we seek to promote the Catholic vision of the human person. At the same time, we must try to listen to the real situation in which some of our students and staff find themselves.

On we intend to promote a confidential and compassionate conversation in our forum. Please see our site in the next few weeks for this discussion and download our app for updates on this and other topics.

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