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Support for parents

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If parents had a fiver for every time they were told that they were the first educators of their children, their money worries would be over! Both the school and the Church are primarily there to support parents in raising their children, but how this works in practice can vary depending upon events

and the personalities involved. 


Most of the time, things go along reasonably well. It only takes a misunderstanding, though,

or something like the preparation for sacraments, for the relationship, especially between parents

and the parish, to become a little ‘fraught’.

Changing times

Like most things in the past, the tripartite structure of home-parish-school

was precisely that, a structure. People tended to conform to the expectations that had been laid down

since the establishment of Catholic schools.

Parents backed up teachers who backed up priests etc., and so the child was very much faced

with a united front. 


In the words of that old song, “Those days are gone, my friend…” and we live in a world where we aspire to be recognized and respected as an individual, and not just as a cog in a machine.

Faith is seen as more and more a personal decision,
rather than just participation in a culture or community. 


As with all things human, communication is key. Parents want to be better informed.


This page will be dedicated to help parents who want to share their faith with their children,

with the help of the parish and the Catholic school, make and strengthen the connections they need

to support them as the first educators of their children.

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